Tuesday, May 18, 2010

With birthdays cometh the craft

Tully's birthday party was last friday night at the local bowling alley (yay for out sourcing- thank you Keatingism )....Tully selected the colours of his cake, so bright it gave me a headache and the party bags 
are something that I usually get really into, but without a specific theme (9 year olds don't have these apparently)  so i scratched around my several bags of tricks - okay boxes of hoarded baragains and found a dozen Lucky Troll keyrings. Don't ask why, I cannot remember, but there they were.  The kids loved them and the bags were full of chocolate and bubblegum and I can kiss goodbye making new friends with this lot of parents heh heh.

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trixi said...

Love those little troll key rings. Are trolls back in fashion? I still have the troll I had when I was little and he is REALLY ugly compared with those little fellows!