Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I must get my butt out of bed. I have to go to work. Drop off the kids. But here I am blogging a post. I just want to drink pots of tea all day, maybe continue my sewing project from sewing class. I love my job, truly I do. But I feel so gazumped today, I just don't think I can cope with any crises that may arise today. There is crisis in my craft room, it is a mess and needs intervention, I need to apply a psychosocial therapy to it - accept that it is overwhelmed by crisis, move to the stage of struggling with the much needed change, live with it and move beyond other words it is a freakin mess and needs law and order! Oh the things I could be doing today....but I am off to the shower and off to work.

Have a lovely day won't you? Why not pop in and tell me about your day?


Catherine said...

I hope that you had a good day today your over the hump day now only two days to go and then lots of spoiling on Sunday:) I had a good day, a bit of stamping at a friends,off to the doctors and swimming in the afternoon so not very exciting but I can't complain. Have a good day tomorrow.xo

Miss Prudence said...

Yes MOther's day! I sent my pressies to my mumsy and the MIL So now I can wait for my day like the Queen!

You enjoy yours too

Unknown said...

Couldn't you just decide that the mess in the craft room is actually just the usual and therefore normal state of the craft room ( and probably craft rooms in general) and therefore there really is no problem at all...well at least in the craft room. Enjoy Sunday!!