Sunday, May 2, 2010

A post by Martha: thank you Trixi

My mummy is letting do this post....she is doing the typing though.
This week I got a parcel from George our postman - my mum's
friend sent me a present, a treat! Her name is Trixi and she makes good crafty things.
She made me a necklace with a fairy and beads and a tiny Christmas stocking!
I took this photo myself.

Thank you Trixi, you are really nice lady!

Yes, Martha was very surprised and I was too. It is such a lovely thing when a bloggy friend
sends a gift. Trixi is at Coloured Buttons and many of you would be acquainted with her fantastic crafts that she teaches school children during the holidays. I think many of us cased her wonderful little travelling dollshouse!

Thanks again Trixi, you made our day!


Anonymous said...

Oh you Lucky duck Martha!
What a great present and you and your mum, wrote a beautiful thankyou, you must be so polite!

trixi said...

Hi Martha, I've been a little busy lately so I've just got to read your lovely post. It was really fun making the fairy and Xmas stocking for you. I'm so glad you liked them. Your mum is right, you really are very sweet!