Monday, May 31, 2010

Not so Pleasantville

I haven't been blogging lately, oh I have been crafting, visiting blogs but just not posting.
You see it has not been "Pleasantville" around here, more like....well it has just been un-label-able.
The expression of drowning not waving seems about right. LOL
Talk about chaos! I just can't seem to achieve completion on any task around here and my kids seem to be possessed, the weather is just depressing and cleaning up around here just feels like shuffling deck chairs on the titanic. Kids losing their glasses, the dreaded fund raising boxes of chocolates entering the house in droves, favours been asked, meetings to attend, fell off the smoking wagon (I know I am a pig) G has been away and is again (not much changes there) But the worst experience of this horrid epoch has been, well what feels like I have, terrorised by the "appropriate" police that dwell in high ranking positions at school.
Son number one was removed from class for singing a highly intelligent ditty about "connie-con-condoms" and swore in protest at his removal....Naturally the next day I come face to face with one of the management and get a lecture of "appropriateness"......Apparently I am too lenient about not wanting to demonise condoms (I was pretty unimpressed at his display of protest-man if only that kid could channel that stuff for good!) But God was on my side that day because after I was dismissed by my "lecturer" I noticed as I walked passed the foyer display of grade six art there was a display of "caricatures" with none other than Chopper Mark Read and Gordon Ramsay and Gary Ablett. Three men that are either murderers, crims or make a living from bullying and abusing people!!!!!!
"Oh excuse me" I say, "Mrs xxxxx, whilst we are on the subject of appropriateness may I ask why is there a pictutre of Chopper Read. Smoking. Drawn by a student?" Naturally I made this point with fairness and grace and NOT a hint of sanctimonious tone, none at all!!!! Heh heh, yay one for the non chosen parents! "OK" I am told. "But if we are going to atone to the concept of appropriateness, shouldn't it be a consistent level? "OK" I am told again, sternly" you have made your point.  And at that moment, it was so strange, I could remember every single word of the zippity do dah song as I ushered my kids to the car!

You know it's the little victories in life that keep ya going!



Karen said...

Hee hee - that made me laugh - and I completly agree - Chopper Read!!! You should check if his 'kids' boook is in the school library and mention it if it is!
I hope things improve - sometimes it's hard being a parent.

Catherine said...

Oh no I hope that things get better in your house, don't you just hate having "one of those weeks". I hope that they take down the picture, how hypocritical. Take care and keep calm, hard sometimes I know. xo

Miss Prudence said...

Yes Chopper and Gordon were gone the next day - I have to say it was a great feeling and didn't involve one single kid of mine....all jokes aside I was pretty shocked to see CHopper Read smoking his head off in the foyer!

trixi said...

I hate those 'meetings' with management. I usually spend the next few days going over the conversation and thinking about better responses i could have said! At least you managed your little victory at the end. Must have been good to see him squirm!

hester said...

Gee...your house sounds exactly like mine! Fund raising chocolates and everything. I love that you socked it to the school management. Well done! Your son sounds like a hoot and at least he won't be getting girls pregnant out of ignorance in a few years!

Anonymous said...

OMG...has Chopper Read got a kids book? I can't believe it!
Good on you standing your ground...nothing worse than being made to question your parenting choices by school staff! xx
Had a few of those days myself lately - tough job being a parent sometimes!!!

Dee from Downunder said...

Hi! thanks for stopping by, you were right, this is very funny, good on you for standing up for "appropriateness" LOL.