Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Craft by kids

Racking our brains what to buy Gran, what to make Gran. The older they get the sparser the range of gifts remain from which to buy - this Gran seems to have or have had EVERYTHING! But of course! Gran loves art by kids! So the kids drew self protraits on mini canvas and then we added a few drops of ink to a glass of water (purple is the colour Gran is CRAZY about) and we used this as a "wash" over the pencilled portraits. The kids sent it off with instruction for Pops to mount it on a nice pice of wood for framing (to send like that would cost a bomb in postage)....Gran's going to love it! It can be done on any size canvas and looks lovely!


Anonymous said...

The kids self portraits look great, their Gran will love them. Good idea with the wash...anything heavier you would have 'lost' the details!
Have yourself a great Mothers Day too Miss Prudence! xx

Karen said...

What an excellent idea - might try that next year when the smallest has a better grip on 'art'!
Have a great day tomorrow - hope you get spoiled rotten.

Catherine said...

Perfect! You couldn't ask for better!

Unknown said...

Great portraits! Gifts made for Gran have got to be the best.