Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday TUllster!

He is the "Tullster". He tames dragons, and is rainbow charged. He has blonde tousled hair and is known for his wackyness. His mates are varied, and amongst his besties he counts some very great girls.

He spent some time being Batman-perpetually: Batman dress ups were washed and worn as clothes not dress ups, sometimes one under the other.

Once he was washed down a waterfall at the age of 6 - I praised his "over arm" swimming technique for being key in him saving himself - he corrected me, assuring me it was use of the "force" (Star Wars phase), which made sense because he did kind of look like Yoda at birth.

He is such a cool kid. I love his naturalness, his "true to self" ness.
I love that he doesn't "dare to be different, he just is that way.

Love ya Tulls, don't go changin'! xoxoxx Happy 9th Birthday love from Mummy


Catherine said...

Happy birthday to your fun loving boy! I hope that he had a great time. :)

PaperTree Designs said...

We love you Tulls! Cant believe you are 9 already!
From us.