Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's been happening

I have had a very long weekend and spent it pottering around the house....I didn't do too much but I did finish a Project you might remember from a week or two ago, I got lazy on the "making up"

And I did some baking from this book

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I started a sewing course last week and inspired by the need for some winter PJ's and a huge stash of fabric that needs to be used and Martha's new love of Little House on the Prarie, I am making her a flannelette nightie, pioneer girl style. I can't wait to share this with you all....See you tomorrow!


Catherine said...

I love the skirt and just in time for the cool weather, it will be perfect to wear. Yah for going and starting a sewing class. I've been wanting to make some pj pants too I just bought a pattern yesterday at Spotlight for the whole family. Not sure whether hubby would like me to make him some so might just stick to sewing for the girls(lol) xo

Happydacks said...

The skirt is really groovy; the colors Martha chose are great! Going to a sewing class is great fun, I miss mine, I don't know when/if I have time to get back!?
Little house on the Prairie nighties are the best, Nana Belle has made Maeve a few over the years and they look so cute...I think bloomers underneath would be the perfect addition for the cold weather and be in keeping with pioneer fashion!

sue said...

The little skirt is so cute and perfect for winter too.

trixi said...

Love that skirt and the colours. When I was little my mother was always knitting and crocheting me skirts with matching vests and beanies!