Saturday, April 10, 2010

The day we to Blarney!

Well actually we went to Canberra for Easter, not by choice we had to you see. My darling mum looked after the kids for the first week of the holidays and we got to live like the old days! We went out every night, the house was super tidy and well I boast about that another day.....Anyway we went to Canberra to pick up the kids and got to spend Easter weekend and Mum put on a family meals that sent me into a regressed and comfortable state! Yay Mum meals!
But it was more than that, it was being around familiar objects that have always been in my consciousness, for example the bear cup that my middle child commandeered for his own, that cup was actually from my Nana's and she bought it for me when I was one and half OMG! 1969 vintage.

Also things that have always gone on the table such as the tea cosy that my great grandmother made for her grand daughter (my mum) nearly 40 years ago. Not to forget the great sleep I always get at my mum's - the security that kiddies get knowing mum is nearby is obviously still evident with me !!! LOL

On Easter Sunday we took a little trip to the English countryside and and saw;

English Cottages ( if I owned this cottage I would make it look like Teena's over at KitschenPink!)


We stopped to admire Japanese windflowers

Took time out to rest in this charming garden arbour encased in whysteria

Threw some confetti at a wedding

Joined a fox hunt

And caught a footy match

Viewed a 24 room dollshouse

After that we caught the train back home!

This is charming little trip was taken at Cockington Green, a well know Canberra attraction since 1979. I always enjoy going there and so my kids. The atmosphere is always positive and tends to generate a really good vibe, there is a children's playground including an undercover area just packed with dolls houses and little petrol stations to play with!


Liesl said...

Ah, its sounds just perfect.

How wonderful to see Stonehenge without the need for a 23 hour flight!

Jorth said...

You got to go out every night? No fair!

(hope you had a marvellous time!)

Anonymous said...

How fantastic your photos are...if/when we get there this is definately on our list!