Saturday, March 27, 2010

Self medicating with craft

I had to get going again, it's been too long. So first a wash cloth - so very basic and fast.
Then a few crocheted hats: one for me and one for a little person I know. This one is for yours truly and I hasten to add this is the very reason why I hate photos me.

A monster wheat bag for one of the boys.

I found the Jo Sharp pattern book I was looking for and I asked Martha to pick some wool from my stash (I MUST use up this stash-until then it's wool diet). Martha chose these colours

for this skirt:
Wouldn't be my choice but then I am not 6 and rainbow crazy, so it is a sweet choice in that regard. I started it late last night and made a bit of progress. I expect it to be finished by the end of the week. But the big news is ....drum roll....I have pulled out my sewing machine and have decided to take on my fear of sewing head on! I have enrolled in a sewing class next term and am committing to it. So you will hopefully be able to see my progress, at least I hope I will make progress!


Sue said...

Love your hat, it looks lovely on you. The monster wheatbag looks cute too. I have that pattern book of Jo Sharp's and had completely forgotten about that skirt to knit up. I am sure my daughter would love one but it would have to have black in hers at the moment, lol! Your color choices look nice.

Unknown said...

I think you're right! The best medicine for all ailments has got to be crafting something...although op shopping is a very, very close second...perhaps then what really is a better form of medication would be a trip to the nearest op shop (fresh air and sunshine on the way to the op shop...oops forgot you live in Melbourne so just ignore the sunshine part ) and then a little crafting...still not feeling better...then I guess you need a double dose!

Alison Gibbs said...

Just came over from Junk it Junction after reading your comment.
I'm from Melbourne too.
Wasn't sure which of your blogs to look at so thought I'd go with this one.