Thursday, January 21, 2010

can you guess ?

Hint: it is WA south; way south....Majestic creatures were unmercifully slaughtered here.

It is the old whaling station in ALbany WA. I have visited there before many years ago, my husband visited there as a child. He saw the slaughter in action and still reels at the quantity of blood he saw. He still has his whale tooth souvineer he purchased.
When we see things like a closed whaling station, operating as a tourist venue, now advocating to stop the senseless slaughter of the wonders of the sea - we can feel positive that change can be affected.


beck said...

Amazing. Hard to believe people can kill these beautiful creatures. I liked looking back at the birthday photo's! Looks like a lovely celebration xo

Karen said...

That was my guess!
We went here when I was 9 years old (so about 31 years ago!) and I remember that eventhen it had anawful smell to it.
Glad it's only a tourist attraction.