Sunday, January 17, 2010

And so a New Year Begins....

Happy New dear bloggy friends!
I have been away in WA, celebrating Christmas on the beach, a very different kind of Christmas for us Melbourne people! Santa came on the 19th December as we would not of been able to bring all the stuff back on the plane. We didn't have a our traditional Christmas Fare which left me feeling I was neglecting my family and had let them down, we did however have our Traditional BIG breaky with blueberry pancakes, bacon, croissants and lots of other yummies!

We took off for Perth on the 21st making a HUGE mistake of flying with TIGER airways.....after a SEVEN HOUR delay we flew to Perth arriving at 5:30 am the next day (Melbourne time) and the kids were so good during this arduous waiting game.

On the up I did LOTS of Op - Shopping with my MIL who is a fantastic and very experienced op-shopper! In fact she works in an Op-shop which meant I had ACCESS to the back room!!!! I found a pair of jeans for $2 that like they have been made for me, even the right length! More on thrifting in another post. We travelled to ALbany and stayed in a wonderful old home with water views, the walked the tree Tops in the Karri forests (wow), and ate so many prawns and crabs (a number of which were caught with my own fisherwoman's hand!) until we couldn't stand the sight of crustaceans and spent a lot of time in the gorgeous blue waters that are down the road from Gran's and taught Uncle David's new German girlfriend the finer points of beach cricket!


Catherine said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year! It looks like you have been busy having heaps of fun, I love WA too it has some really pretty spots to see and visit. What a pain having such a long delay and then a long flight.(grrr)

Karen said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday - I was in WA many moons ago but remember those beautiful blue waters.
Happy 2010 to you and your family.