Friday, December 31, 2010

goal review

Lets see how I went....

2010 GOALS

  • Taking a stronger interest and stand in issues that get me burning

I probably could of done a bit better here, but I have rejoined a committee or two and 2011 will see me post about these valuable community organisations.

  • Sew curtains


  • Knit 2 jumpers


  • Make a wrap skirt

Yes! And I will post it soon.

  • Increase my energy levels

Ha ha!

  • Organise my house

Getting there, I think I can, I think can.

  • Create a new tradition

Still thinking about this one

  • Do more outdoor activities with my family

Could be better still

  • Take a sewing class and learn how to sew properly

Doing it and loving it!

  • Raise money for a Charitable Event

I am ashamed to have failed at this

  • Finish the C25K running program 

Ugh! Start stop start....

  • Learn how to play tennis 


  • Make every festive occasion a hum-dinger!

Oh yeah!

OK, so that isn't bad, but looking at it retrospectively I don't think I really challenged myself much...So bring on

2011 Happy New Year Greeting Card Vector Cover design Illustrator EPS

lose 15 13kgs  ( what can I say, it's a constant )
knit myself a jumper
knit Mr G a jumper
learn one magic trick
home brew beer with Mr G
take up yoga
go to womens conference
eat lavendar ice cream
be a vegetarian for a month
be gluten free for a month

Give blood

go to tasmania done
sleep under the stars
camp in the grampians
run a fun run
cook more interesting meals each night
learn a new counselling style
read 12 10 books 
expand social life

Now for the Craft goals

Make a decent looking softie
Install zips with confidence
Granny rug
Make a quilt
Sew Martha 4 things
Sew 4 things for me
Try tie dying
Make bags
Make cushions
6 scarves
Learn cables
Bake more cake

Phew! I had better get cracking, that's a BIG list!

So I hope you join me again on another year of blogging, I have lots of new ideas for this little space and I plan to kick the year off with a Giveaway!!!! *excitement* So pop back in very soon!!

Happy New Year friends xxxxx

Miss Prudence

So long 2010...and thanks

As you do, I am reflecting on 2010 and I am happy.

I feel like I achieved some good stuff. My job as a mental health outreach worker continues to inspire me to develop my career directions and more importantly it reaffirms to me how privileged I am to work with people, to have people trust me enough to share their experiences and show their vulnerabilities around their illnesses.

My family is healthy, I hear laughter and tears and sometimes displays of extreme emotion. I think this is a sign of a family that is healthy and "feels".

I gave up smoking....although I occasionally stumble, I do not relapse.

I continue to connect with interesting, talented and kind women through this little blog.

I am blessed with an uncomplicated life, many riches such as freedom, love and choice.

I have continued to learn new facts and skills . My sewing skill continues to develop and I am feeling more adventurous when choosing projects. I continue to gain a lot of enjoyment from crafting. It is so much a part of my being.

I may of spent too much money. Ooops!

I truly thank God for every day I have and what this life and world offers me.

So for 2011 I truly hope that I can continue to enjoy these opportunities and you too my lovely bloggers get to enjoy them too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love is the Magic Salve

I have been joking that things are stressed and messy, joking because that's all I've got. I am finding it harder and harder to face each day - for months now I have had bronchitis, my "cup" is approaching its last drops and desperately needs refilling. I feel like the Little Red Engine that Could - "I think I can, I think I can".....Yesterday I had to leave work early because of a funny tummy and only the way home I got an attack of Dry Eye (where I become so light sensitive I can hardly see a metre in front of me). Yep "woe was me" and I felt as pathetic as I looked.

But things took a turn for the better when I found this little gift left for me by my eldest son.
Immediately my posture straightened, my mind cleared and my heart beamed hard against my ribs.
I am adored,
I am loved,
I am needed,
I am so grateful and fortunate that
My well being IS considered by others

and this small gesture proves it.....xxxxx

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas, OH Christmas, for where art thou my Christmas spirit!

Things are a mess here. Truly, an absolute mess. We had to get the lounge room ceiling replaced and our wonderful builder ran late and here I am December 12th and no Christmas tree up, all my lounge room furniture in my dining room, so the place is a MESS and no Christmas feeling here at all.

(Christmas days of past) 

TIme to change all that!  Behold Miss Prudence is about to don her Santa hat and douse the house in Christmas spirit.  I found this Christmas quiz over at Kids and Capers where Catherine is encouraging others to give it a go.  It is very European but hey, that makes it funnier!

1. Hot Chocolate or apple cider?
Ahhh, cold beer maybe? How about an icy margarita! A cuppa in the morning perhaps!

2. Turkey or Ham?
Hmm, both I think are seasonal fare, but this year we have all made the confession that we prefer chicken - so a couple of juicy free range, organic henny penny's this year!!

3. Do you get a fake or real-you-cut-it-yourself Christmas tree?

Fake...real sags in the heat

4. Decorations on the outside of your house?

I am planning on adding the Griswald effect! 

5. Snowball fights or sleddin’?

Huh? Splashing in the pool

6. Do you enjoy going downtown shopping?

No no no.

7. Favorite Christmas song?

Anything but that bloody awful "feed the world" ugh!

8. How do you feel about Christmas movies?

I just love watching Jimmy Stewart every year in a Wonderful Life, I say Yes! to Christmas  movies

9. When is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?


10. Stockings before or after presents?

In my dream of the perfect Christmas morning, the children are sweet, squeal only a little with demure delight, open their stockings first and then the few meaningful presents (a few because I am a controlled consumer and besides they have begged me to buy goats for 3rd world villages).....BUT this is in my DREAMS! I have to admit this, but the stockings get forgotten often. 

11. Go to someone else’s house or they come to you?

Come to us...which sometimes worries me why we are never invited to the rellies! Hmmm.
12. Do you read the Christmas Story? If so when?

Yes, in the few weeks leading to Christmas, and the Nativity has pride of place.

13. What do you do after presents and dinner?

I prefer to sleep but I am willing to do virtually anything to get out of the dishes.

14. What is your favorite holiday smell?

Food, all the yummy food!!!!

15. Ice skating or walking around the mall?
I love walking around the neighbourhood looking at people's lights.

16. Do you open a present or presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas day?

Christmas Day

17. Favorite Christmas memory?

Big family Christmas' at my Nana's

18. Favorite Part about winter? Summer ? 

Balmy nights, lounging around in the evening, icy beers, friend's dropping by

19. Ever been kissed under mistletoe? 

What is exactly this "mistletoe?"

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Prudence, where have you been?

My it has been so long since I made a post, firstly I would like to send a big hug out to those who emailed me to check in with me. I just love this bloggy community!

Well, I have been busy. You may remember I started to "make over" or freshen up my family room, my how that project grew and it still growing!  I will soon make a post and show you all of my decorating changes I have made, I am very excited to share it will you all!

So much has been happening here - like most of you, we have been running from one event to another : concerts, ballet exams, christmas parties, end of year events the list is endless. On top of that Mr G has been travelling around the globe which means his share of "taxi-ing" becomes mine.

I will begin this post showing you some pretty hilarious crafting efforts on my behalf, it all began with my frsutration of constantly missing the cut off dates for some of the great swaps that go on around here. I so desperately wanted to take part in one and finally I got my chance!  A softie challenge.

Hmmm, softies?  I do not make softies well, my past efforts have only ever managed to evoke fear in small children and scorn in adults. I make horrid softies. But my desperate need to partake in a swap over rode this fact.  I signed up and off I went.  I purchased soft baby blue chenille and downloaded a vintage free pattern of lambkins. My swap partner Leonie, a very talented sewer sent me this sweet dolly, which I might add Miss Martha ran off with the moment she clapped eyes on it! Isn't dolly lovely?

Well, true to my Softie making history, my lambs were less lovely and poor Leonie got these chappies.

Hmmm, not exactly beastly but strong evidence of genetic tampering with these lambies!  They never got blogged by the recipient so I am kind of guessing I have maintained the standard of evoking horror and scorn!!LOL...Leonie, I am so sorry you got stuck with me on the swap, but at least you got a good laugh and please know you softie is treasured by Miss M, thank you Kiwi girl xxx.

What to tell you next....hhmm. Well Miss Martha is now an official Brownie and recently made her "Promise" ceremony. She decorated some lollypops as paper flowers and handed them to her fellow Brownies to mark the occassion. Miss Martha is a very dedicate Brownie and even more committed since attend her very first camp (I missed her so very much over those 2 nights).

Whilst on the subject of Martha, we recently celebrated her 7th Birthday!!!!!! I cannot believe that she is 7 and yes I say that every year and with the boys too, but it is true! Celebrations were held in the most magical places, a tea house called "Dolls on the Mount", run by the talented and beautiful Vivienne who single handedly kept a room full of kids entertained, provided a sumptious and hilarious afternoon tea, a magnificent birthday cake and now owns the heart of Miss Martha.

Doll on the Mount is in Heidelberg, Melbourne. It operates as a Doll museum (which took my breath away) and tea house.  Vivienne caters for childrens' parties and involves each child in creative play. Each child is given a role and then must dress up. The dress up box is fabulous and I can tell you Martha simply fell into the role of "Queen" disturbingly easy!  High tea was hysterical, with Viv climbing up on the table and pouring "pink tea" into dainty bone china cups from a great height, this of course brought the house down! Here are some pics.

traditional Mummy and Martha birthday photo

Making party bags is one of my most favourite tasks at birthday time, these were full
of girlie goodness, tiny soaps shaped like petit fours, lip glosses, beads, rings, 
flower lollypops, yummy lollies (of course) etc fact I wanted one!

Presenting her royal highness the Queen

Angus became the royal footman

Tully was designated "master chef" and presented the Queen with an amazing 
multi layered (four I think!!!!) pink sparkly sponge cake. The cake was so light 
it could of flown away. Yum!

The infamous "high tea" a la Vivienne! Can you see some of the dolls
in the background?

Whilst there, I "won" a makeover and got to dress up in this spectacular peach taffeta number!
I am not actually convinced it wasn't one of mine from back in the day!

And finally, on the actual birthday, the first day of summer and my day 
of triumph, we celebrated our special girl's 7th birthday honouring our
family tradition of waking to balloons and dining out that night 
at our favourite Japanese restaurant.

Happy birthday my wonderful daughter. I simply adore you xxxx

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I have been tagged

I have just been tagged by Just Martha (I love that name!) in a challenge, not a huge one so I am happy to play along. In the meantime pop over to Just Martha and have a read through her blog, I guarantee you will be entertained with her musings!

4 Things in My Handbag.
My handbag has made a bit of a transition in the last couple of years and has actually returned to a woman's bag after being a receptacle for fruit bars, snacks, sunscreen, wipes, small cars, dolls, hair clips, lollipops (for emergency bribes) extra undies in 3 sizes and other sundries that would aid a multitude of dramas that I would inevitably run into with three small kiddies.  

1. Sunnies
2. Make up 
3. My owl and the pussycat compact

4. A crochet hook and wool

Serious chick out and about  town huh?

4 Things in My Bedroom
1. Usually there is always one, sometimes three invaders. Mostly in the morning, seeking snuggles and ready to report on their night's sleep and other random ideas that may pop into their heads.

2. Cushions! Mr G sometimes makes the bed and always makes a silent protest about the cusions.
I can tell this from the unruly way he THROWS them on the bed. Grrrr anarchist!

3. A chair usually full of my clothes

4. My new / old up-cycled rosey picture

4 things I would like to do but didn't do
I don't let these things bog me down by considering the butterfly effect - you know change one thing in the past and everything changes....I love my life so i would want to risk it. But....I kind of wish I had of :

1. Travelled when I was young
2. Bought a house when I was younger
3. Maybe started my family a bit earlier so I could of had number four
4. Stayed at school

and I  also wish I had of punched my first boss in the mouth who wouldn't let me go home until I hugged him - he never got hugged and it was always stressful as a 15 year old dodging it, and scary too.

4 things you may not know about me

1. My jaw cracks. Loudly and periodically. No pain involved. Nothing wrong with it. Just cracks and it sends my sister around the twist when she hears it.

2. When I was a window dresser, there was rarely enough money in the budget to hire someone to wear the character costumes that would accompany various children's promotions. I have been Care Bear, Santa Bear, an Elf , a clown and a few others.....Care Bear was fun as 19 year old I could accost gorgeous young men with was kind of being like a rock star but you were mobbed by small children and unfortunately any stray dogs that might be wandering around the city plaza's !

3. I can scuba dive.  I have for a few years and I don't like going down deep. But I love swimming and breathing underwater, through sea gardens.

4. I want to be filthy rich so I can buy LOTS of property and rent them out at a very affordable rate to those who could really do with a helping hand to get on their feet.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Mother's Heart

Naomi today is asking bloggers linked to her Thursday post "A Mother's Heart" to share their ideas about qualities and attributes that help us to be good Mothers.

Whilst I don't think there is actually a "right" or a "wrong" here, after nearly 12 years doing this gig I certainly have learnt (often the hard way) a thing or two.  Like many Mother's I have that very private list entitled " things I did to my kid and wished I hadn't" - this list usually starts in the first week of Motherhood and may contain things like getting the baby sunburnt, over dressing the baby, eating something to spicy and it goes through the milk etc etc.   You know the stuff, it made you cry and think you were really going to suck at being a Mummy - but things got better and before you knew it you were cruising with the best of them!

So rather than duplicate Naomi's list, I will just share a few thoughts, words to the wise so to speak.

Know that there are women out there that will be openly critical about your child, to your face, in front of others.  This is when you need to be strong, be dignified and not argue with this woman. Your good grace will show her rudeness up to others and send a clear message that her mean spirit is wasted on you.  Naturally you will need to have a good vent later to your hubby, mum or sister - how dare she!

Find inspiration everywhere!

Be authentic, be vulnerable, be honest, be real, be yourself in front of your children. Children can spot a phoney at ten paces.

Forgive, transcend and move on. Life will throw you curve balls and bad stuff does happen to good people and sometimes these things are really hard to get past but hanging on to "stuff" can rob you.
It was during such a period when my Mother told me that these were the best times of my life, and my Mother knows best. Enjoy each and every stage of your child's life because they disappear in the blink of an eye.  Imagine what a wonderful life lesson this teaches your children?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ole and other goings on

Here is our resident Senorita. My parents-in-law have been in Europe for the past few months. Today in the post Martha received this flamenco dancers' costume from Spain. 

Our rennovations are going on still.
I painted our green wall white last weekend, Mr G was most happy as he is the resident painter and was delighted that I picked up the roller. 

Now I for the change in decor.
And I have been stuck. I challenged myself NOT to spend $$$$$ and to see what I could scrounge, up-cycle, recycle and repaint.  

Hunting around my "storage", I found a whole bolt of red ticking that I bought many years ago and promptly changed my mind because it was to boring.  Obviously I am pretty boring these days because I got thinking. 
Thinking French, thinking Scandinavian, thinking simple, thinking frugal.

I consulted Google, because after all who makes any kind of decision without doing so, and became inspired with something that has NEVER interested me, Shabby Chic. Yes, I am nervous about this but what the heck!

I made this cushion, I have been making fabric flower brooches by the dozen lately and it has lent its way to the cushions. A few of Aunty June's really really vintage buttons, a bit of saddle stitch and done What do you think? The second one should be ready tomorrow.
As I said I have been obsessed with making fabric flower brooches. I love using some of my really old buttons that I have been hanging onto, some for decades! 

I used a 1970's girls wrap skirt pattern to make this for Martha. I also made a matching flower brooch for her too! 

And finally I got some time to make a card or two.

Well that is my week so far. My "lighting up" project will continue - I am now trying to lighten me up and have started a serious exercise regime ugh! Will post more over the weekend I hope as there are lots of things in the pipeline including a softie for a swap I entered so pop on back over the weekend!

Hope you all have lots of fun and crafting planned!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Change is in the air

I am in the mood for change. I feel restless with my surroundings, with me.
I am not looking to move house or city or even job, no no I am more than happy with these.
No, I need a make over on a big scale.
This isn't something I woke up with this morning, it has been verging for some weeks.
Oh the Winter, it imprisoned me forcing me to ponder my navel and when I couldn't stand that
I began to notice things.
My decor looked tired.
I felt tired and sluggy.
There was SO much clutter around my home.
I felt cluttered.
I felt fat.
Oh my, I have gotten fat!!!

Hmmm, what to do, what to do....I know!
Brainstorm with a bag of raspberry licorice (oh that deserves a post on its own)

TODAY is the day!

The makeover begins !  

This is my family room and where I will begin.
This weekend I will say good bye to the green wall. I love green and once enjoyed having this shade everywhere. I recently painted the dining white and the hallway, I love the lightness of having white all around me using colour to accent.

I will be changing the curtains to something lighter even though I quite like these curtains, maybe they go up again in when the colder weather returns.  The rug is already in the hallway, my brother in law sent it to us from Dubai some years ago and it is thick luxurious.

The cushions must be changed and the coffee table is bit worse for wear too. Sadly though my purse strings are drawn tight at the moment and this will be on a budget. I hope I can surprise myself and achieve something that feels fresh and new and not too dodgy!

The will be lots of change posted here in the next few weeks, I hope I can share it with you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What I am loving this week

Hasn't it been lovely? The presence of the sun, its warmth and radiance generating energy and love.   My quick trip to Canberra was lovely, seeing my lovely Mum, my sparky little sister that always sparks on all cylinders and is great fun, her Magpie mad hubby and my gorgeous niece and nephew - of course being able to cuddle my Martha after a week was just heaven.

I have been so lazy taking photos, I have heaps I could blog but haven't taken the photos.  I will soon but here are some things I love this week

Fabric flower brooches: I can't stop making them!

Art by my 11 year old son, I am one proud Mama, this picture he drew graced 
the program for the school production of Alice and Lewis in Blunderland a take 
on Alice in Wonderland. My 9 year old son had a leading role of Lewis.
By the end of the night Mr G and I were astounded at the clever
people we have brought into the world!

A china Holly Hobbie tea set .
I have had this vintage tea set, still in its
box for yonks. How silly, it needed playing with.
Martha now has it and her and her dollies are
being very social with it.

A Spring Bike

Blood Oranges, mmmm juicy!

Polka Dotted Toadstools

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Link Up : Mother Heart

Naomi from Seven Cherubs talks about her passion often : being a mother.  I am sure we all can relate and devour that concept.  Motivated by her passion she has started a regular Thursday link to encourage mums to share something about their own experiences of if you think you can come up with a line or twenty hop on board.

Today is the second last day of the Victorian school holidays. Moo Moo is in the ACT with her Nan, the Tullster is on Cuboree (Cub scout extravaganza camp) with his Cub Leader Dad and Anggie has been at home with Mummy. 

Angus and I have enjoyed our extra time together in spite of both having bronchitis. We have luxuriated in the extra time to chat, sit quietly together, go shopping, have Thai food (the first time for Angus and mummy in a bid to have him taste ALL the flavours totally over ordered - not only did we bring three dishes untouched home, Mummy fainted at the bill!!! Oh well all in the name of life experience I tell myself!)  Angus and I both like to be quiet and in our own heads. But we also enjoy doing that with someone. Someone equally wanting to be in their own head.  Perfect Match!

We have had some good conversations too about things we fear, we love, our dreams and what makes us laugh. We have watched some great inspirational movies together. And watched morning TV in bed together, we played games on the IPAD (and probably got a bit too addicted to Pocket Frogs LOL).

We have also nursed each other in our illness - bringing each other glasses of water, wheat bags, pillows to ease our illnesses (we suffered two days through both taking turns rising from our respective sicks beds to check on one another). If you have ever read the series of The Five Love Languages you will understand when I say Angus and I both show our love with "acts of service" in other words one the main ways we show our love is through doing kind things for others  ( I also like to give gifts, so I fall into that catergory too). 

With three kids and a wonderful husband, I often find it hard to divide myself between them so they all get one on one time with me. But I do, yeah it is a juggle and it doesn't happen with great frequency but because I know it's value I MAKE it happen - "Date Nights" with all of them including Mr G. 

The benefits? We continue to build our knowledge of each other and they way we relate to each other. It   
gives me an opportunity to explore ideas and the emotional landscape to gauge if all is well. It provides the kids an opportunity to talk freely and feel special and we both get to do some really fun stuff.  

Tomorrow Angus and I drive to Canberra to pick up Moo Moo and by Sunday night we will again be the "tight bunch of five" that we all love to be. I love time with just one, but I feel better as part of five. 

I love my family.

(you can find other beautiful images like this gorgeous angel from here)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sewing the seeds of my summer fashions

When I married Mr G in 1992 he was in the Army and we moved to Adelaide where I soon found myself spending a lot of time alone. It was then I bought my sewing machine and decided to teach myself to sew and I began my "stash" which grew considerably stronger than my sewing skills!

Back then I cam across this gorgeous cotton fabric, being a devotee of retro looks and a dreamer of 50's and 40's style clothes, I fell in love with it.  I never used it because I was too nervous of wrecking it and wasting such a unusual fabric, one which rarely comes around twice -  so using it was always going to be reserved for something special and a time when I could actually sew.

Fast forward 18 plus years and I am in my second term of sewing classes and finally feel confident to make myself a dress! 

Still not finished as I am not yet confident to sew it "unsupervised" - but here is a sneak peek!

What do you think?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Things that I am loving....

Over at Paisley Jade's I often see posts of things she is loving at that moment. I thought I might join her and share with you all a few things I am loving today....

My new purple sneakers

My Forest Friends Stamp set

Bubble baths

My big porcelain ring

My latest piece of vintage pyrex only $3.50

Kids in trees

This is what I love today. What are you loving today?