Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sewing, sewing all the night long!

And then the day too. Good afternoon and I must say it is nice to be making and blogging again. A few weeks ago at our church fair Martha found a Moses Basket for her dolly. Grotty but in good nick and for 50cents how could I knock it back! You bloody beauty! So we cleaned it up and I pulled out some fabric and cut out a pattern and that is far as I got.

Last night the boys (including DH) drove to the ACT to drop the Christmas pressies off to my family - Martha and I had some engagements so we stayed at home. So of course we went out for dinner and planned some craft for tomorrow. But I got inspired and ended up finishing her Moses basket and Rosie ( M's doll) approves happily!

Today I decided to make one of these dresses. Now I know this dress is knocking around a lot and a good number of people feel they own the pattern - one blogger has actually "forbidden" any copying as she states the pattern is hers alone and tells the reader not to "whinge" and warns they had better look out if she sees any on sale on ETSY or in markets! Sheeesh! Now I really need some memories to kick into gear here - I used to wear this style made by my Nan, as did my mum and three aunts: also made by Nan.My Nan and great aunts wore it during the depression made by Great Gran. My cousins wore it and I have seen it in MANY vintage sewing books also. I particularly remember a green gingham one with a matching sun hat and an applique jumbo on it- so cute!

I think it is time that some of us bloggers need to remember no one owns classics such as the scone recipe, or the formula on how to make jam, the classic knitted scarf pattern or I am afraid this little gem of a pattern either. It is just one of those great little patterns for the "sewing challenged" mother that was devised and shared all over the globe, it is universal origins unknown. Who knows when it was made first or by whom but let's just be grateful she shared it and we all have it YAAAAAYYY!

So here is my effort- fan-bloody=tastic 30 minutes to make and here is the totally best part. I bought this piece of fabric from the Autumn fair at my church for 80 cents!!!!!!! The ribbon I bought for 47cents in a sale and when I read the brand to my Mum that was printed up the selvage, she confirmed it 1970's Vintage . Oh how sweet : 30 minutes, $1.27 cost and VINTAGE!!!!! Ahhhh, I am wetting my pants with excitement!!!

So after such elation, Martha and I decorated her bike basket with some old silk flowers we found lying around and then made some Chrissy decs for her little tinsel and very pink tree.


trixi said...

Hello Miss Prudence, glad to see you are back and crafting! I'm supposing your exams are all finished? LOVE the dress you made Martha ($1.27!!) and love the photo of her.

Karen said...

What a perfect 'girlie' weekend you have had.
I'm with you on the 'classic' patterns too, so much 'ownership' is taking place for simple and universally used designs.
Great dress - I love the colours.

Anonymous said...

Well done, it looks great!
Love all the decorations on the bike basket too!
Glad to see you back! Happy New Year!
Chele x