Friday, October 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the end of October

And sure it was a great event of the community, but frankly I am over it!
I am so grateful to the people who have regularly visited my blog and left wonderful
and inspiring comments - I feel like I have made some wonderful friends....
So I am hitting a cruisey November and an absent December. These photos correspond with
nothing I am posting! LOL I am desperate to end this pressure! But hey I have met some great
gals and to them all "YA JUST ALL GORGEOUS!!!!!"



Unknown said...

Love the photo with Martha...her look of utter joy...the end of Blogtober...YES!

Catherine said...

I had fun doing the whole Blogtober but it was hard to keep up the daily posting for sure.

Have a great weekend! Love the photo of the two of your, really cute.:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photo of mother and daughter. Miss P you are gorgeous!

Lallee said...

Thank you for your recent visit! Did we actually have an October this year? LOL It just flew by and I never did make it on the ride! I love your glass case you made, and even better is the adorable family you have.