Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thursday's mum is full of woe...Tonight I get home and straight away I am told about my short comings : My dinners are awful, I didn't sew Cub badges on (of course I would of if I hadn't been handed them 15 minutes prior to being needed), I wasn't allowing the emerging reader to read (bad parent for assisting with a word that had been read incorrectly 20 thousand times-am I a saint with untold patience?), I failed to find a nintendo, why hadn't I contacted a parent I don't know to arrange a sleep over - so unfair and the night is not over to learn about more of my other failings!

Hope i am a better super parent by Friday


Unknown said...

So, what do you expect if you call the little angel tired and cranky and probably a few other things I couldn't hear!
Actually I'm starting to enjoy this blogtober thing.

Miss Prudence said...

So you are not buying my side of the victimised parent story!

Catherine said...

I know that you are a good parent! Sometimes children just don't think we are allowed to have moments of not always perfect parenting, we make mistakes too! I'm sure they'll get over it!

polly pratt said...


Could please let me know your address, i`ve tried emailing a few times but i dont think they have been getting to you. i`ve had a pay it forward sitting here for ages to post .



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