Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quality Time

Like most parents I understand the importance of spending quality time with the kids, even more valuable is spending one on one time with our kids. They seem to thrive in those conditions don't they? But something always gets in the way of achieving these moments : family get togethers, parties, sports, church, school events etc etc and if you have more than two kids it is a huge challenge....I try to factor in "date" nights with each boy at least three times a year, with Martha it seems much easier to get girl time in.

Tonight was the Tullster's first "date night", normally we go to a market or out for a breakfast but tonight we went out for dinner and a movie. He was stoked as we saw Astro Boy, a movie that we have both been hanging out to see. He was allowed to have the "Astro" special offer (a huge bucket of coke in a Astro boy cup with a huge sack of popcorn) and a choc top!!!! Happy as the pig in mud! It was a lovely night and he tumbled home ecstatic, I can hear him now in bed, it's way past 9.30 and he is recounting the story to his brother...simple pleasures : dinner and a movie.


Catherine said...

That sounds like such a lovely thing to do with your boys and it looks like you both had a good time together. I really like your idea of date night with your boys,really sweet!:)

Karen said...

This is such a lovely idea, the smile on his face says it all.
Good on you for making time like this.
We try to do things separately with our older two girls but it's hard as they always both want to come along and theone left at home feels 'punished'!

Unknown said...

That's such a great idea and so important. You sound like a great mum :)

Unknown said...

I also think one on one time is really important, not only for my kids to spend time just chatting to me but for me to chat with just them!