Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh oh oh oooohhh, my little china girl

This cute little pair of vases belong to my "I would die if anything happened to these" group of treasures. Once owned by my Nan who had a wonderful amount of 50's china. Of course the rest of the family in the following decades did not share my views. I was super close to my Nan and in fact still feel that way regardless of having lost her when I was 10. I am told I am very much like her and share many of her traits for which I am happy to wear as a badge. I do not have a picture of her scanned to share with you, but she was lovely, strong and funny. A lady but not a prude or biggot, a good time gal but elegant and real all at once. Yep, call me Madge junior and I will love it.

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trixi said...

Hi Madge Junior, couldn't let such a wonderful post go by without comment. It's really nice having something that belonged to someone you love - it's like this little physical link that every time you walk past jogs your memories and brings back the whole way that person made you feel.