Monday, October 5, 2009

Hat is finished

Due to studying, I haven't been able to sit back and enjoy making something in an afternoon, so I REALLY enjoyed making this hat that only took a few hours. Can't say I adore the pattern, but being new to crocheting things outside the "Granny Square" and actually following a pattern, I am pleased to say I followed a pattern! Sorry about the photo quality, my model is tired and cranky and co-operative after her first day back to school.


Catherine said...

The hat looks really sweet on your little girl, you did a great job. I hope she has a good nights sleep after her big day and feel better in the morning.:)

Unknown said...

Ooooh I really really really like that and of course I love that it's pink! Yep, she does look a little bit cranky doesn't she LOL

Unknown said...

Tired and cranky...I don't think so!
I'd say that it's rather a more contemplative look. More like...what was it our teacher wanted us to do after school today?

Corrie said...

gorgeous! I got that booklet at lincraft because of that hat, must whip one up., winter!

love the ballet pics too, we just had keira's open day and it was oh so cute!

Ange Moore said...

Love the hat - very cute. I just wish I knew how to crochet - maybe I should have a go at a YouTube lesson!

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