Sunday, October 4, 2009

But never on a Sunday, a Sunday because that's my day of rest!

Anyone over forty will remember that tune on the radio when they were wee things, I think Nana Mouskuri (spelling ?) may of sung it...Anyway, I LOVE daylight saving, I seem to get so much more done. 5.30pm and I have made a lasagne, a rice pudding, made kids lunches (back to school tomorrow), been for a swim, and made an outstanding breakfast for the tribe (ok so that was hours ago). I can't study with kids around so I started crocheting a hat - in the sun!

Ahhhh, lovely


trixi said...

Did you say sun? Melbourne doesn't have sun does it? Well,at least the weather guy up here is always telling us it's raining in Melbourne!!
I'm looking forward to one day seeing your matchbox house.

Catherine said...

Sounds like you had a busy and very organised day. The crochet hat looks very pretty I just love those will have to learn how to crochet one day. I hope your little ones enjoy school tomorrow!:)

PaperTree Designs said...

that lasagne looks yummy! I might just have to make one tomorrow night.

sue said...

Ooh I have to agree with you there, getting lots more done as the light lasts longer. Although last night it was 8:30 and I felt as though it should have only been 6:30. Do you know I was searching my recipe books for rice pudding and didnt find one. What recipe do you use as I would love to make one for after dinner this week, my kids have never tried it before.