Friday, August 21, 2009

Lazy Daisy

Hi Folks,
Yes I have been lazy. Oh so LAZY! And then I went to Queensland for a solo retreat. Ahhhhh. Three nights, four days of just me at a nice resort. Walking, reading, reflecting, praying....the beach was clean and warm, the surroundings natural and very comfortable. How fortunate am I that my DH is happy to hold the fort on such occasions? Very lucky I say, especially when I returned to no housework!!! Yup, everything was spic and span, there was even home made soup on the stove! What a guy!

Well here I am refreshed and relaxed desperate to "create", but sadly due to rennovations my craft room is packed up and out of bounds. *sigh* Can't wait until I am good to go.

Here is some pics for the family followers, probably a little boring for the rest of you!

Martha Cooking : parfaits or piffays as she puts it

Harry our beloved canine well over due for a haircut!


Angus' new glasses


hester said...

Whoops! I just put my comment in the wrong post (the previous one). Sorry! Your retreat sounds fantastic. Can your husband have a chat to mine?

Elizabeth said...

nice to meet you, too!
thanks for stopping by.

and the trip, followed by a return to a clean home - sounds lovely!