Saturday, August 8, 2009

footy commentators

I was sitting in the family room doing my "own thing" all the while listening with half an ear to the TV. The boys were watching the sports segment of the nightly news, the footy was being covered when I heard something that rang different to my ears.
It was a female commentator! Intrigued I listened more closely, it was then I realised she really sounded like a female impersonating a footy commentator, a male one that is. So this is where we are at : chicks can call the footy, our beloved bloody footy but ONLY if they sound like one of the boys.

Now sisters, I am dead against a sexist attitude but I don't want to see women getting opportunities extended to them "if" they act like blokes. I want to see women being allowed access to try all things and given the opportunity to bring something of themselves to the role. Wouldn't we really like to see all gals doing all they want? I wondered what it would be like if just your run of the mill girl called the footy. I imagined how a woman such as myself for example, who was allowed to be herself, might call the footy?

"Yes sports fans, here we are at the MCG, fantastic space, looking out and seeing so many families. It's great. And great that we now can bring our families safely with the designated "dry zones" ...Tick in the box AFL, tick in the box.
Oh ooooh ohhh! Number thirty two has just taken a dreadful fall. He is down! No ! Not getting up! Oh my, ambos have entered the field. Oh my I hope his mother is NOT watching. Yes it is disappointing when we see such appalling disregard for sportsmanship. You know I really think we need to be putting a stronger focus on this, perhaps at a primary school level.
Well fans, number 32 is now off and 17 is off the bench. Young, new in the draft...fine younger player with lots of promise and my if I were 15 years younger!

Yes I would be doing all of this and more including talking over the top of my fellow commentators, digressing wildly and missing half of the game, a focus on team uniforms and how the colours worked would be shown. SOical history surrounding the club and area would be discussed, half way through I would abandon the topic, call a few calls then straight back to where I left off and all the while I would be crocheting a new scarf or rug for some charity!

Could you imagine! Yet I somehow think my talents for multi tasking and paying attention to things outside the field would not be appreciated! Yep, leave it to the blokes with the big bellowing voices to do this.. So I say .Good luck to the chick that calls the footy, it has been a long time coming and she is paving the way for other young sports mad women. But i do hope she is being herself and not "blokey" because it is a prerequisite for the job.

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hester said...

Hello Miss Prudence! I have belatedly found you came for a visit. Nice to meet you. I loved your female version of the footy commentary. Not that I know anything about footy. I grew up in a house where my sister thought the State of Origin match was Australia versus Oregon.

cheers from Brisbane

PS I'm tempted to show my husband that you had a retreat, you lucky duck, but last time I mentioned that "all the other mothers I know get to go away for the weekend" he said "And your point is?????". Sigh!