Friday, July 10, 2009

Pocket Money Should be earnt

In a bid to "simplify" the holidays a bit I gave my kids a certain amount of spending money each. The notion was that when this was spent, there was no more, therefore I would not be caving in with same purchases that added up to being quite expensive and culminating into more junk and stuff.

This hasn't worked at all. Instead it created money obsessed beasts that wasted a lot of time discussing and arguing about money. I was driven to despair by people at me about "what day will we be getting next weeks' money?" " I want to buy this xxx. I need to go xxxx" or the panic of lost wallets, at one stage accusations of theft! Not to mention the choices of purchase that appalled me. I had no role of guidance and hated what had transpired in my home: greed had arrived.

This was a good lesson learnt for all of us. For me: I am the parent and I have a job in teaching how money is acquired and valued. Them, the lessons were vast. I scrapped the project in the second week, to much objection, and things have been much quieter and pleasant. No one has mentioned a consumeristic thing in days and when I made a skirt for my youngest and bought 2 packs of cheap collector cards for my boys yesterday they were ecstatic and that was enough! Much better outcome.


Vik said...

Oh dear, that went a little pear shaped but it did give me a laugh ;-) Darn Cheap have just got some new stock in, some cute retro/vintage type fabrics, check it out before it all goes!

PaperTree Designs said...

Oh that is soo funny. Hee hee. My mum and I have been having the exact same argument. I refuse to give pocket money on the theory that no one will give you money for nothing (except for Government handouts) and my mum keeps sneaking 'pocket money' to my kids. Hee Hee. Thats what grandparents for for I say!


trixi said...

yep, I tried the pocket money experiment once. More trouble than it's worth. It drove me crazy.