Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh for a model!

I write this post up with big excitement! I made these using a pattern. I get knitting patterns but crochet pattern tend to confuse me and I usual steer clear of gloves at the best of times, but I did it!!! I used rubbishy old wool just in case it turned out to be a waste. Miss Moo saw them tried them on and ran off with them immediately..."princess gloves mummy", a friend came over and saw them and oooooed "pride and prejudice gloves!" So it looks like I am making some more in good wool. They were pretty tricky to photograph too, really could of used my model.

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Unknown said...

Yep I think my daughter might like these gloves too (although she's a bit older than your daughter), except my daughter would want them in lime green and up to her elbows!