Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey visiting crafters, you MUST check this out

Hi crafters! Regular visitors will know that I am all fired up about this new group that I have found through bog hopping around on fellow crafters blogs that is : CRAFT HOPE.....You must check it out. Currently there are pictures of PROJECT 2 which was to make dolls (you can read more about it at craft hope). Well the photos of the dolls and their new owners are up and it is so beautiful I KNOW you will just cry like I did.

CLICK on the CRAFT HOPE Badge to the right of this post. It will take you there. You don't need a link, the badge is the link. There seems to have been a bit of confusion and I have gotten quite a few emails asking for the link. But the Badge IS the LINK.
I wonder what we will be doing for Project 4?

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trixi said...

Thanks for the post about Craft Hope. This is one of the really nice things about the internet, finding out about projects like this that you would normally not have known about.And making something for a child somewhere else in the world.