Friday, June 26, 2009

So I cried Uncle and delcared the holidays started....

Now we are in the thick of winter with each night calling for hot water bottles, wheat bags and bed socks to take the chill off the crispness of fresh bed lined. And of course it is the season for flu and colds. I am not one to get these, in fact I hardly ever get sick but 2009 has seen me go down twice! This week was my second time, although I have really been heavily laden with stressful demands and maybe I have been taking on a wee bit more than I should resulting in weakening my resolve not to get ill.

So here I am sick as a dog, so much so I ACTUALLY RETREATED TO BED!!!!! Of course I must of looked lonely there in my sick bed because the next day my sons joined me. Naturally this would mean I have to get up and look after said sons, enveloping them in maternal nurtutring, wiping their sick little brows. Clearly I am truly gifted in this area, it was evidenced by their recovery in full by 11am that very morning! By 11.30 they were expressing a dire need for footy cards from the newsagents and pizza pockets for lunch. Thank the Lord above! They were well and able to attend Gang Show that night! Amen! From which they returned from at 11pm that night!!!!

I woke this morning to whinging, whining and fighting. I knew instinctively what I had to do. It was the last day of term, due to lack of wellness I hadn't really baked much this week so today's lunches were pretty basic and would only evoke disappointment, possibly even bitterness. So I did it. I threw my hands up in surrender and cried "Uncle!" And then declared the holidays commenced! Of course there came cheering in full support.

So today we started things off with a leisurely breakie of bacon and eggs (not me because I am on a BIG diet- more about that in coming weeks), we watched some great DVDS and then went to the parklands for some puddle jumping!

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