Saturday, June 27, 2009

Only in Army green mum.

I have always made my kids hats with a grooviness to them. In fact at Circus OZ last week my two younger kids were given free tattoos because, and I quote with a certain pride " they are the best and interesting hats I have seen all night" from one of the Circus staff! And if you have ever been to a Circus Oz performance you will know that the audience is as cool as the stars, so I was pretty chuffed. Mr 10, I noticed, did not have a hat. Upon enquiries I discovered his brain and his head have now grown out of his last hat (and yes I take credit for the big brain too). I asked him what colours he wanted. " Only green"...My mind started planning in a second: shrek green, kermit green, kelly green, cool green,mmmm fresh green. Then he added firmly "Army green, ONLY in Army green". ?!?!? How dull! But his want is my command and I clicked this off in 12ply and 2 hours! His friend today has ordered "a cool skater hat" in blue too!

NB I hasten to point out for Gran's sake, this is NOT Mr 10 modelling hat!

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