Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'd love to say I was on the continent....

But I can't. LIfe just swallowed me up and I haven't blogged since May! But I have been busy....

Tully decided he wanted his birthday after Mother's Day, so the celebrations tended to extend over two weeks in May! A party was had a Roller Skating rink. Garrett and I were amazed to hear the very same music we skated to when we were kids. Man that DJ must be close to retiring! Garrett donned the skates but I just couldn't face falling on my bum in front of my kids and so many other kids. Let's face it, I am just a big fat scaredy cat these days. There was cake of course, of the ice cream variety (I still feel bad that i didn't make one myself), and the birthday kid's special lolly bag did not disappoint, Tully adored the American "candy" and giant freckle!

Catching up with friends in Monty

On the Op-shop front I picked up this vintage nortiake dinner set for $15!

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Randall Low said...

Just a random passer by from within Melbourne.

Nice blog!! Oh and I like your vintage plate / bowls :D Retro is the new metro haha