Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want to run away to the circus!

We have just returned from seeing Circus Oz! WHo needs a pretentious French circus when there is the real and gritty Circus Oz?
Every second of their shows radiates life, action, colour and thrills. I adore Circus Oz and we see them whenever we can, last year we missed out though which was disappointing to say the least.

This performance did not fail to provide the standard to which we have become acustomed! As usual, in addition to the above mentioned attributes, Circus Oz delivered on challenging beauty around bodies, highlighting the diversity and strength of the human body with the addition to their "mob" of Emma J Hawkins. Emma is a short statured person with amazing talents, energy and bravado. She teams up with Mel, the mobs' strong woman (my personal fave!) and what an amazing team they become! LOVED IT! Some segments were loud and colourful and some were artful , slow and mesmerizing, in fact I found it relaxing watching this beautiful redhead tie herself in knots, hanging high from the big top (go figure!). The "crazy in love" couple were a hoot and who can really reject a Salvos style band complete with ribboned tambourines.....As always when I have left a Circus Oz performance, I feel i have just been someplace very special.

THank you Circus Oz!!

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