Saturday, June 27, 2009

no so hot off the hook

This is a rug I began months ago. I had to stop along the way due to running out of certain colours and not being able to find the wool again. BUT I persevered and luck was on my side. So here it is ready to go to its new owner...The new owner is someone I have never met before but she has been on my mind a lot. She is 21 and lost her whole family in the fires. Her family were close friends to one of the ministers at my church and that is how I heard about her.

I remember when I was 21 and estranged from my family and feeling very lost, alone and small. I got the opportunity to reconnect with my family, this girl won't. I imagine this winter will have an even colder chill about it for this lovely girl.....

Only in Army green mum.

I have always made my kids hats with a grooviness to them. In fact at Circus OZ last week my two younger kids were given free tattoos because, and I quote with a certain pride " they are the best and interesting hats I have seen all night" from one of the Circus staff! And if you have ever been to a Circus Oz performance you will know that the audience is as cool as the stars, so I was pretty chuffed. Mr 10, I noticed, did not have a hat. Upon enquiries I discovered his brain and his head have now grown out of his last hat (and yes I take credit for the big brain too). I asked him what colours he wanted. " Only green"...My mind started planning in a second: shrek green, kermit green, kelly green, cool green,mmmm fresh green. Then he added firmly "Army green, ONLY in Army green". ?!?!? How dull! But his want is my command and I clicked this off in 12ply and 2 hours! His friend today has ordered "a cool skater hat" in blue too!

NB I hasten to point out for Gran's sake, this is NOT Mr 10 modelling hat!

Friday, June 26, 2009

So I cried Uncle and delcared the holidays started....

Now we are in the thick of winter with each night calling for hot water bottles, wheat bags and bed socks to take the chill off the crispness of fresh bed lined. And of course it is the season for flu and colds. I am not one to get these, in fact I hardly ever get sick but 2009 has seen me go down twice! This week was my second time, although I have really been heavily laden with stressful demands and maybe I have been taking on a wee bit more than I should resulting in weakening my resolve not to get ill.

So here I am sick as a dog, so much so I ACTUALLY RETREATED TO BED!!!!! Of course I must of looked lonely there in my sick bed because the next day my sons joined me. Naturally this would mean I have to get up and look after said sons, enveloping them in maternal nurtutring, wiping their sick little brows. Clearly I am truly gifted in this area, it was evidenced by their recovery in full by 11am that very morning! By 11.30 they were expressing a dire need for footy cards from the newsagents and pizza pockets for lunch. Thank the Lord above! They were well and able to attend Gang Show that night! Amen! From which they returned from at 11pm that night!!!!

I woke this morning to whinging, whining and fighting. I knew instinctively what I had to do. It was the last day of term, due to lack of wellness I hadn't really baked much this week so today's lunches were pretty basic and would only evoke disappointment, possibly even bitterness. So I did it. I threw my hands up in surrender and cried "Uncle!" And then declared the holidays commenced! Of course there came cheering in full support.

So today we started things off with a leisurely breakie of bacon and eggs (not me because I am on a BIG diet- more about that in coming weeks), we watched some great DVDS and then went to the parklands for some puddle jumping!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want to run away to the circus!

We have just returned from seeing Circus Oz! WHo needs a pretentious French circus when there is the real and gritty Circus Oz?
Every second of their shows radiates life, action, colour and thrills. I adore Circus Oz and we see them whenever we can, last year we missed out though which was disappointing to say the least.

This performance did not fail to provide the standard to which we have become acustomed! As usual, in addition to the above mentioned attributes, Circus Oz delivered on challenging beauty around bodies, highlighting the diversity and strength of the human body with the addition to their "mob" of Emma J Hawkins. Emma is a short statured person with amazing talents, energy and bravado. She teams up with Mel, the mobs' strong woman (my personal fave!) and what an amazing team they become! LOVED IT! Some segments were loud and colourful and some were artful , slow and mesmerizing, in fact I found it relaxing watching this beautiful redhead tie herself in knots, hanging high from the big top (go figure!). The "crazy in love" couple were a hoot and who can really reject a Salvos style band complete with ribboned tambourines.....As always when I have left a Circus Oz performance, I feel i have just been someplace very special.

THank you Circus Oz!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'd love to say I was on the continent....

But I can't. LIfe just swallowed me up and I haven't blogged since May! But I have been busy....

Tully decided he wanted his birthday after Mother's Day, so the celebrations tended to extend over two weeks in May! A party was had a Roller Skating rink. Garrett and I were amazed to hear the very same music we skated to when we were kids. Man that DJ must be close to retiring! Garrett donned the skates but I just couldn't face falling on my bum in front of my kids and so many other kids. Let's face it, I am just a big fat scaredy cat these days. There was cake of course, of the ice cream variety (I still feel bad that i didn't make one myself), and the birthday kid's special lolly bag did not disappoint, Tully adored the American "candy" and giant freckle!

Catching up with friends in Monty

On the Op-shop front I picked up this vintage nortiake dinner set for $15!