Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mum

Tomorrow will be Mother's Day and as usual I will only get to hear if she likes her present and if she had a nice day. Mum lives interstate and I rarely get to spend Mother's Day with her, I think we have averaged about 2 in the past ten years.

My Mum is a straight talking woman. No nonsense and loves a laugh. You won't get political correctness from her but you will get a "correctness" that is based on strong ethical and moral standards. Mum is not a flamboyant person, not an extrovert. It is hard to force her out of her comfort zone, but when this happens she becomes a "new experience" junkie! Finally, when she has her fill of the world she will retreat to hers with books and quiet.

While we may not see each other often, we speak ALL the time. We know about the "little" things in each others lives, the important things and the worrying things. We share our opinions, sometimes to levels so heated one has to drop out in a huff! But we have a relationship that is forgiving and whilst this may seem exhausting to others (and sometimes to us too!), but it is our relationship and unique to us. I don't want it duplicated anywhere by anyone. I am confident of our bond and know her love so well....Happy any day Mum, I am glad you're mine

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