Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Tully, seven was heaven and eight will be great!

Tully is eight today. How does this happen! He is just growing so fast and sharp as a tack. Gorgeous unruly, curly locks and such a cheeky smile. A razor sharp wit with a gentle soul glowing from within. My beautiful sunny boy who loves anything rainbow, especially rainbows ( he once saw a rainbow and ran around and around the house going crazy with joy-later he shared that he was actually rainbow powered and was now fully charged!)

Tully woke us all at dawn so exicted, he got his presents and LOVED them. Tonight we went to Carlton for dinner (Italian of course) followed by gelati- we did consider having spanish donuts and dipping chocolate but Tully was overcome with the idea of custard, choc mint and blackberry gelati, so we had to leave the cafe immediately in pursuit of gelati which was found two doors down. This was followed by a bit of gaffing about in the nearby park and then home with a very crazy game of "eye spy"....As we drove home via the freeway, the night lights flashed Saturday night signals, people flowed past on their way to Saturday night happenings and I felt so grateful for my life.

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PaperTree Designs said...

AJ made me check your blog last night for an update on the boys! Better get cracking Lynda! LOL.