Thursday, April 30, 2009

You've been Punked!

Yep, I feel like I have been punked! Like on that practical joke show. My new job turned out to be.....a spell in chaos!
The co-ordinator had the personality that could lull you into a coma and my co-worker had the worst shrieking, "ozz-straaaalian accent" that could be heard all over the house (building is an old house- not a nice old house either), the really loud whining voice. The clients were left to make their own decisions, which unfortunately they couldn't and were, well they were bored. There were people bringing their dogs into the food prep areas, no OHS stuff put into place, it was dirty, cold and so very dull. The staff played favourites and name calling was the dress of the day. No place for Prudence.

Well I still have my other job and I simply adore working there. So maybe I might craft a bit, get a bit creative and re-commit to running the kiddies music group that I had been running last term....I don't really have to work, we are doing ok without me working. But I want a job that I find, well...rewarding. But the people have to be good too...but I don't to travel too far and I only want a few days....hmmmm. Could I be too fussy! LOL.

Well Friday tomorrow, I might have some fun. I'll blog in tomorrow with some piccies.

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