Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday. I will be off to church in a minute, but I thought i would make a quick post. Easter, for Christians is, as most of us would get, one of the big calendar events of the year. Reflective, sombre, enlightening. I have so much to be thankful for this year, and Good Friday is an anniversary for me really. It was a Good Friday when I returned to church and started examining my own spiritual diet. I am in far better shape these days I must say! I don't see any of my "leftie" attitudes changed, although I am not as millitent as I used to be, much gentler and I deal with stress a lot better and I actually seem a lot less cranky these days too. Maybe I am even more accepting. I really attribute this to God and my faith in Him. I am a struggling Christian, I don't think it comes easy. I strive to be more "Godlike", ie more loving, more giving, seeing and hearing more. And that's a challenge for such a righteous little gnome like myself!

Today is Good Friday and I will join friends for a morning service and return to my home to prepare for the "home coming". Everyone has been away in Canberra either working (DH) or visiting Nan (gorgeous brood). This left me to my own devices and home alone. No one to banter with about my new job that I started this week, no one to cook for, clean for, cuddle, snuggle and laugh with. Well Harry has been spoilt!

More posting later!

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jmgb said...

i believe to be a christian, in the true sense of that identify, always implies a STRUGGLING christian:)

there is no way around that reality, as the road we're invited on is broken...and simultaneously worth it.