Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A few things abut me....

I don't find inspirational picture books with quotes....very inspirational.
I cry at happy things, heart moving things, when people pull together as one.
I don't like rollmops but I do love pickled mussels.
I love stewed apple but don't like chomping a raw apple
I adore the sight of red shiny apples.
I love cherries.
I like going to the cinema by myself.
I procrastinate to levels never previously known by humanity.
I used to move the furniture around, weekly.
I love gardens of coral.
Despite my boisterous ways, I am very shy.
I think Adam West was a much better Batman than Christian Bale.
I do anything to get out of the dishes....even cooking.
I love cooking.
I hate doing the dishes.
I love BIG rings.
I am expert in providing all the cues of listening when I am not.
I don't listen when I have a million things to address in my mind.
I never have a solitary thounght in my head.
I have very strong, personal views about eating disorders.
I don't blame Barbie for body image issues.
I believe rights come with responsibilities.

More about me later....

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