Thursday, April 30, 2009

You've been Punked!

Yep, I feel like I have been punked! Like on that practical joke show. My new job turned out to be.....a spell in chaos!
The co-ordinator had the personality that could lull you into a coma and my co-worker had the worst shrieking, "ozz-straaaalian accent" that could be heard all over the house (building is an old house- not a nice old house either), the really loud whining voice. The clients were left to make their own decisions, which unfortunately they couldn't and were, well they were bored. There were people bringing their dogs into the food prep areas, no OHS stuff put into place, it was dirty, cold and so very dull. The staff played favourites and name calling was the dress of the day. No place for Prudence.

Well I still have my other job and I simply adore working there. So maybe I might craft a bit, get a bit creative and re-commit to running the kiddies music group that I had been running last term....I don't really have to work, we are doing ok without me working. But I want a job that I find, well...rewarding. But the people have to be good too...but I don't to travel too far and I only want a few days....hmmmm. Could I be too fussy! LOL.

Well Friday tomorrow, I might have some fun. I'll blog in tomorrow with some piccies.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sovreign Hill

We went to Ballarat over the Easter Weekend, we went to Soveriegn Hill, which is a replica village that aims to recreate what it was like in the gold rush days in early Victoria. Dubious about going to a "touristy" place, I was pleasantly surprised, the kids had a ball and LOVED panning for gold.

It was dusty and stinky and I am sooo glad I was born in this end of the 20th century!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A few things abut me....

I don't find inspirational picture books with quotes....very inspirational.
I cry at happy things, heart moving things, when people pull together as one.
I don't like rollmops but I do love pickled mussels.
I love stewed apple but don't like chomping a raw apple
I adore the sight of red shiny apples.
I love cherries.
I like going to the cinema by myself.
I procrastinate to levels never previously known by humanity.
I used to move the furniture around, weekly.
I love gardens of coral.
Despite my boisterous ways, I am very shy.
I think Adam West was a much better Batman than Christian Bale.
I do anything to get out of the dishes....even cooking.
I love cooking.
I hate doing the dishes.
I love BIG rings.
I am expert in providing all the cues of listening when I am not.
I don't listen when I have a million things to address in my mind.
I never have a solitary thounght in my head.
I have very strong, personal views about eating disorders.
I don't blame Barbie for body image issues.
I believe rights come with responsibilities.

More about me later....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Reason

Green Change #2 for the year. I will no longer buy bottled water or coke in plastic fact i am going to actively avoid buying plastic containers after I saw on TV tonight how much oil it takes to make a plastic bottle!!! Couldn't believe my eyes!
So there is a green change.
New Year resolutions looking good.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Martha and I got these new dolls / ornaments. A bit "Blythe" like aren't they?

Easter Table. We decorate this table each festive season, not in a Steiner fashion though. We add our bits and pieces and the children add their hand made items,, although this year there are not any hand made items as Nana in Canberra was presented with all the lovely specially made things. Lucky Nan!

Gran in Perth sent Martha this lovely Golly. She is awake.

Then asleep. Martha tells me her name is Rose and Rose.

It is getting cooler and the shorts wearing man concedes this. He has donned his socks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday. I will be off to church in a minute, but I thought i would make a quick post. Easter, for Christians is, as most of us would get, one of the big calendar events of the year. Reflective, sombre, enlightening. I have so much to be thankful for this year, and Good Friday is an anniversary for me really. It was a Good Friday when I returned to church and started examining my own spiritual diet. I am in far better shape these days I must say! I don't see any of my "leftie" attitudes changed, although I am not as millitent as I used to be, much gentler and I deal with stress a lot better and I actually seem a lot less cranky these days too. Maybe I am even more accepting. I really attribute this to God and my faith in Him. I am a struggling Christian, I don't think it comes easy. I strive to be more "Godlike", ie more loving, more giving, seeing and hearing more. And that's a challenge for such a righteous little gnome like myself!

Today is Good Friday and I will join friends for a morning service and return to my home to prepare for the "home coming". Everyone has been away in Canberra either working (DH) or visiting Nan (gorgeous brood). This left me to my own devices and home alone. No one to banter with about my new job that I started this week, no one to cook for, clean for, cuddle, snuggle and laugh with. Well Harry has been spoilt!

More posting later!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Better do better this time Florence!

Well I don't know what happened to my last post but it seemed amuse many people! Yes you lurkers I know who you are!
I have been sooo busy! Making stuff for the church fair (I can't believe I am writing this, the once punk hard girl!) and I finished my skirt from sewing class, it took me forever which belied the pattern that suggested it was "1 hour easy" pattern! Well I now know how to put an invisible zip in the wrong way, take it out and put it back in. Ah trouble shooting. I have made some softies, which still need eyes so I won't be posting them just yet. I have made gazillions of cards to sell and counted out hundred of jelly beans for the guess how many jelly beans competion, made some more yoyo hair ties and tubs of playdough.

It has been a tough week this week. Lots of goodbyes and lots of stress. I am feeling very stretched at the moment. I finished my last session with my "mainly music" group yesterday. The session was Easter focussed and it went beautifully, all our little people had a wonderful time and the team thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I will really miss them all. Then I was told by one of the loveliest families that they were moving soon, interstate. I really love this family and looked forward to getting to know them better, but! It won't be forever and they will return and I pray that they join our parish on their return. So I was reasonably emotional by the end of the day, so much so my friend Rhi had to take me op shopping (aaahhhhh, that feels better!)

It is end of term and my Martha is just not coping. She is exhausted and her nerves are frayed, which of course means her parents nerves are obliterated! Angus was feeling "depressed for no reason" and Tully woke this morning (very slowly) with a cold and Martha had even less energy than yesterday and would cry at the drop of a hat. Two more sleeps and then it is off for two weeks and a stay at Nana's. Nana spoke to Martha yesterday on the phone and I was gobsmacked at how, in seconds, she had this wailing hysterical child, listening and calm and feeling much better. After five minutes she was racing down the hall off to find a handbag. Nana had told her to pack her troubles into a handbag and bring it over to Nan's in the holidays and together they would go through them. Fantastic! Although I did warn Nan, that after this week she should expect me and a gi-normous handbag to arrive at her door step soon! Get some pep pills Barb! Your gonna need them! She wasn't impressed.

Today I am off to sewing class and hopefully to my new work place to see the "grand opening" day. Oh Yes! My good news! I have got an amazing Community Development role! With Melbourne City Mission!!!! 3 days a week and I am soooo very excited!

Here are pics of my latest makes and buys!