Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well Harriet, where are you at?

When I started this blog I did make a hoo ha about living simply, wanting to simplify our a few months down the track I have to note.
- we are hanging out together more
- I am baking so much more
- we eat as a family more
- we actively avoid going to malls

However, I don't think that is that much changed from usual. The kids are just not up for spending the afternoon conversing. They have been at attention all day at school, they want to chill. TV, whatever view you may hold, CAN be good. Angus avidly watched ABC kids in the afternoon which airs good quality kids drama and TV. Currently he is Serious Andes, a reality kind of show that follows a trek up the Andes mountains, that is undertaken by young adolescents. So anyway, I still let them relax in front of it. Homework has to get done, they spend time in the yard either swimming or bouncing or in the treehouse so a bit of tv or ps2 is OK in my book. Really the aim was for me to engage properly with them after school and we all talk easily.

Are we greener? Well I haven't been buying heaps of junk and no new stuff unless really necessary. I have been using green cleaners, and we have used virtually no water in our garden this summer (with the extreme heat we just new we'd lose).

OVerall, I guess we are pointed in the right direction....

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Beck said...

Sounds like you are on the right track! It's all about getting the balance isn't it? Some weeks I find it easier than others. Have you got any chooks yet?