Sunday, February 1, 2009

yellow backlog clearing

I didn't post anything yesterday, I had to work and boy is yellow hard to come by in my house!
But I did find something today to make up for it. Yellow shoes?! I think I have worn them once, I kinda feel self conscious in them.

Today I have spent the day sweating and sewing and zoning out in disbelief that I am sewing an art smock for my baby, for school. School! I feel like am losing time so quickly, Angus is 10 this year!!!!!!! I really AM feeling strange, and so fearful of becoming un-needed. I realise I have a few years yet of hands on parenting, but the first ten years has gone so fast I actually feel fearful. I keep asking myself " did I spend enough time with them?" " Have I put enough effort in" this is such a trip of emotion....Well I will post tomorrow are tell you all about it if I can type through the shakes and tears!!!

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