Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winton books

I read this book whilst at the beach. I had already read another Tim Winton book (The Turning) and was keen to read another. The gorgeous woman at the bookshop in Victor Harbour SA, recommended this one. Well, I was smitten! Couldn't put it down. This week I finished Dirt Music, which I am afraid will not be my favourite Winton novel. That being said, I stayed with the book as Winton was taking me on a journey. A journey which he led with colourful and beautifully crafted writing. He is truly a gifted writer. Thank you Tim, I will read on through your list of works.

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Beck said...

Have you read The Rider's? I really enjoyed that one although perhaps 'enjoy' is not really the right word. It's an odd book with a funny ending but I was really drawn to it. I thought The Turning was fabulous and would like to re read it. Dirt Music didn't quite work for me but again his writing is a joy to read. x