Monday, February 23, 2009


Well there is no point in wallowing. Life goes on, with or without me. It is heating up again in Melbourne, the country side continues to burn; people are evacuating earlier this time. We all know that there simply isn't room for anymore loss.

I am looking back at last weeks "goals". How did I do? Well this weeks' list is going to be long! I did get my arse to the gym and I did write lists. My desk is still a wreck! I have not finished my rug, let alone getting on with the next. My friends who are also on this Bushfire relief project are leaps ahead of me and I feel embarassed with my lack of progress.

Things are lighter here though. Garrett has been painting the hallway this weekend and after years of little people using it as a drag strip for riding wheelie toys, there was a lot of plaster missing. Poor Garrett, he was unseen by us for all of the weekend.
The result is fabulous, fresh and clean and bright. I cannot believe I ever painted red!

Our weekend was busy, so much goes on here, I find I am often stumped for words when asked " what did you do over the weekend?" Where do I begin? Miss Martha is fully getting into school. This morning she walked into our room, going straight to her Dad's "treasure box" (a box full of Dad's boyhood treasures that include whales' teeth, snake skins, shark eggs, sheep horns etc) "I need some show and tell" she says. I suggest something of hers. "No, it was to be an ssssssssss word. I am taking this snakeskin". She marches out again. So matter of fact, woman on a mission. School has provided no obstacle to our girl.

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