Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Second day of term

My Angus painted this in grade 1, I still love it.

Ok, so today: I drop off the kids. Martha is already organised; she knows her hook for her bag, she hands over her notice that had to be filled in last night, she is off with other little girls. No goodbye today. I leave and proceed to my netball game. I arrived late and receive a hero's welcome (at this point they are 3 short and it is killing them). I wave triumphantly and begin to run my legs off and wow, it is noticeable after two months of slothful living. The game ends, not sure if we won, I think we did. We retreat to the YMCA coffee lounge and catch up for about an hour and then go.

Now this leaves the rest of the day. I decide to see a movie matinee. I go see Marley and Me (such a sweet movie, now I am fretting about our dog: have I spent enough quality time with him?). I get a latte, go to the new Coles supermarket at this shopping centre I collect ingredients to make a worthy meal for my people. Kangaroo (sustainable meat), some snags (not all of us eat roo), fresh pinapple, fetta cheese, cherry tomatoes and some celery (snacks). Pick up kids, can't wait to see them, feeling exicted, I head to the school. "Oh yeah, hi Mum". Next stop: ballet lessons....snacks, etc

So, this was my day. I am now sitting, cagged out in my arm chair, experiencing alternating waves of fatigue (ahhh netball, my ankles feel stiff) and contempt (for all of those individuals who have failed to see my genius and unmet ,well maybe by mother teresa, degree of nurturing)....oh yeah, no one liked dinner grrrrrrrrrrr.

Yes friends, I am in a bad zone. Anyway, here is my yellow for the day.


PaperTree Designs said...

I had to laugh as yesterday I saw a yummy lamb pizza on fresh. So off I went to get lamb backstrap, herbs to marinate, feta, little red peppers..blah blah and all I got was a few grunts. :-)

PaperTree Designs said...

hmm that last comment I left didnt make much sense did it....what I meant to say was...after all that effort cooking - all I got was a few grunts (of appreciation?). May as well just serve them 2 minute noodles! :-)