Thursday, February 5, 2009

School Friends

This is Barry. Barry is Martha's main bear, Tinkerbell (also a bear) is next and Rosie (babydoll) also feature strongly in her world.
Barry accompanied Martha to school this week, he remained patiently in her bag in case she needed comfort, hugs or a chat during the day. According to Martha he enjoyed himself and was so impressed he spoke in "bear", his native tongue, rather than English, the common language between them. Martha told me she did get worried and he cuddled her, so the discomfort of being stuffed into a school bag was well worth it. Martha took charge of my camera a few days ago (unbeknown to me) and went photo crazy! I was quite surprised when a uploaded my camera onto iphotos and found heaps of images from Martha's perspective. Interesting actually and very sweet.

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beck said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, and I loved your daughter's teddy photo and school news by the way. My Sunday also has a teddy who is a big part of her, and our, life. He didn't go to school but she couldn't get home quick enough to hop on the couch & cuddle up with Ted. Re the green paint...seem to have lost the sample card but it was citrus something...glad you liked it! x