Saturday, February 14, 2009

On platform 2 the next train to or you'll miss it!

I can't move. I am stuck. I have no motivation what so ever to exercise, start anything, make cards, finish projects, bake or clean.
I am wandering aimlessly lamenting at the tasks that need my immediate attention. I still feeling miserable alone during the week, missing my girl, feeling very lost and un-needed.

Again I am planning to start fresh this week. I have decided to seek work that is more constant, casual is good but I need something more. So 2009 begins and it is back to my lists. Have I mentioned that I am a chronic list maker? I am. I have lists for my lists! So the next seven days:

* apply for a part time job that I found.

*tidy my work desk

*start an assignment

*get ass to the gym

* finish my granny square rug

*finish my skirt

*put the house back into order

*write lists

Yep time to bite the bullet and get on with things...

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