Monday, February 2, 2009

It's just me and the dog

Today Martha went to school.
I woke her gently and she woke up joking it was time to go back to sleep, grabbed Barry (he was going too) and headed off for some breakfast. I made the bed and moved the already laid out uniform etc to the bed. Breakfast was a chatty affair, everyone in good spirits. All washed up, Martha then donned the uniform, giggling nervously she eagerly pulled socks and shoes on. I only had to do her plaits and then she would be theirs, reluctantly I did her hair. Martha views herself in the mirror, sooooo proud of herself! I don't want her to go, I hug her and then pull myself together. I am being stupid, I'll give her reason to fret and then she'll be upset on this special day.

Outside, assembly for traditional "first day" photos with Dad and Mummy and "the brothers" as she likes to call them (my mother laughs and says this sound like part of the Irish Mafia and given some of the colourful folk that feature in her Irish heritage, I can detect a note of disapproval! LOL) takes place. We head to school.

Tully holds her hand and leads her to the Junior school end, we lag behind taking photos. We find the room and meet Ms Borg. Ms Borg is beautiful and young and you just know is going to be kind. We hand over Martha. We follow in behind and watch Martha settle in. "Bye" she simply says, I force a kiss out of her but Daddy gets the big hug and kiss, I silently fume at that. And we go..

Just like that. School now has her days not me. I haven't cried, yet. I'll try not to. I'll be brave. I try not to think of "them" having my baby.

Two hours later: I'm so lonely! It's just me and the dog and he doesn't ask for anything.

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