Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally, a word about the fires....

This picture was taken at Mount Macedon in Victoria. I think it is fitting with the need for faith at the moment.

Thank you to everyone who has inquired about our safety. We had so many nervous calls from Canberra (who all know that bush ridden suburbs can burn). I have had many emails wondering why nothing is on my blog about it as there are so many pictures of the fires. Well, firstly I actually do have a heap of posts written up in the draft box. But I opted not to post them as I prefer blog with positivity and humour. This is my "happy" place LOL. Recent blogs have been to keep my mind off things and i guess look a bit bit mundane,but really; who wants to blog all their personal drama? How depressing!

We are OK thank God. Being so close to the fire affected area has been quite dramatic and we have been involved in a lot a frenetic activity related. We had some awful news this week with the late identifications. There has been a lot of grief around here and it is hard not to enter into some collective of community grief as the six, five, four, three etc degrees of separation kick in. The up side is that the councils of Nillimbk, Banyule and Whittlesea have really connected, as has the whole of Victoria and virtually the rest of Auatralia. People have really come together and I am noticing a level of patience amongst the community that seems to have settled in. Less horn honking, snarling at supermarket checkouts, bank queues even. I am hearing people say how proud they are of being Australian and I can't help hoping that God is looking down and saying "that's it kids, see it isn't hard to get along. I am really proud of you" (ok so I have a very candid view / dialogue with the Big Guy!).

I am very tired this week, my head really isn't on right. I have been doing dopey things and just can't focus on stuff, let alone make anything (this post is killing me with presentation of grammatic challenge!). I did attempt to buy some fabric on ebay this but it went pear shaped (I can't believe I bid twice of what I wanted to pay doh!) and ended up with a Ebay seller having a hissy was pretty awful actually, I get shocked at mean, miserable, self centred people. She probably is finding it tough in the current economic climate to survive so I won't think mean things about her and just as Vickie would say "chalk it up". But the sellers' reaction to my "doh! sorry" was unbalanced to say the least. But enough of that, just won't be buying from her again! I also failed in buying petrol (thankfully Raj at the servo was amused and gave me a hand!), I cooked something in the microwave, that failed too : no power activated, hmmmm. Fear not, there are some things I have maintained a level of excellence, eating is up there and I had better start failing REAL soon!

I am keen to just keep things "situation normal". But I am finding the fact that we (a few gals from school) are collecting suits and garb for funerals challenges this. Some of the tasks are really needed but feel a tad macabre and like every parent at the moment, I am dealing with a massive amount of question about death, heaven and burns. Wow, we really could d with a manual couldn't we

On the making side, given my brain isn't working, I have taken to making granny square rugs in groovy colors for some young teenage girls (big girls like snuggle rugs too). And I am making up some mini stash boxes for crafter that lost all their stashes in the fires. Craft is an amazing thing, we craft at different times and for different reasons to create, keep busy, keep happy, to keep our minds off
things that may be worrying. I am sure this is a time for crafting to keep one's mind off things.

So if anyone wants to respond to a fellow crafter, I think this is a wonderful idea. Anyone have ideas for specific contents? WOuld love to hear from you!

I hope that answers everyone's questions about how we are doing re fires. Will talk to you dear family about things this week xxxxx.

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