Sunday, January 4, 2009

We all need a break....but gosh it gets lonely

G took the kids on an overnight camping trip this week. I had a few things I needed to do, so I stayed home. It was quiet and peaceful, I had the choice of doing anything I wanted, this overwhelming level of choice led to confusion so I ended up sitting quietly and crocheting and watching TV, going for a walk and avoiding the phone (sorry to those who were trying to get in touch with me - the phone Queen abdicated about 18 months ago and now I hate being tied to the phone). It wasn't bad at all. I made chilli prawns for dinner, drank pots of tea and enjoyed a tidy house. But then they all came home, smelling smokey and bounding in with noise, mirth and vigour! I got hit with a tirade of stories told with great excitement and then the reality hit me.....

I hate being apart from them. I missed out on being part of their trip and being part of the experience. They too saw this, all of their stories ended with "I wish you had of seen it Mummy". So do I now. Because I convinced myself I "need some space" and kept my hairdressing appointment, I created an empty chair at the table. I use the chair as an analogy for "something missing in the mix". Not on! I think priorities are going to be a big focus this year as something to work on. Not that I feel I am neglecting my family but with Martha off to join her brothers at school this year, the potential for special moments to slip past is getting big. I want to catch as many of these as possible, hold the tight and pack them into a special glittery treasure box!

Here are some photos of the kids on camp. Angus has taken over our old camera and is becoming quiet the shutter bug!

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