Thursday, January 29, 2009

This week's photo's

Reading my own blog, I realise that my photos really don't reflect the post and don't seem to have any explanation. You see, I haven't made anything nor taken any photos to post, so I have been using my holiday pics. My MIL visits this blog and it gives her an opportunity to see more of what the kids are up to.

The photos were taken in Middleton, South Australian. Picture topics include my mother with Martha (joined at the hip those two), an absolutely gorgeous big, full, yellow moon that came out especially for G and I on the night of our wedding anniversary (17 years). Other shots are just lovely aspects are taken around the town / beach/ views from the house we rented. G and I seem to be absent from these as usual, I just hate looking at myself in photos. Maybe I should get better at this, my kids will never have any photos of me!

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