Saturday, January 3, 2009

And So the festive season concludes.....

Well that was swell Harriet!

Yes we enjoyed ourselves immensely and had an exceptionally laid back time. Naturally we stuffed our faces and rolled around the house a lot. Sadly the weather here has been awful and Spring like (still with some brrrrrrr in the air), which meant that lounging around the pool has been out as a slothing option.

The kids reaped an amazing amount of loot, all the necessary trappings of the "it" kid! Actually, we cut down a bit this year but the pickin's was still goooood! Well except for a certain clock that I received, not just a bloody clock! Noooo, this one was fish shaped, yep clock smack bang in its belly! Wtf ?!???? Needless to say that went back to the shop!

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