Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ah you wretched girl! I am melting, melting away!

I feel just like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. Melting is accurate. 8.00am and it is 35 degrees already! 43 is forecast. Bluk. Hey I love a sunburn country but until it feels carconegenic, spontaneous mellanoma! I heard someone remark that it at least with the heat people have ceased talking about the credit crisis, that cows were giving powdered milk and magnets were falling off fridges LOL.

Today I will push past the heat an aim to do something, make something. I seem to have craft block, I just can't get my head around things. Baking is totally out of the question, yes that's what we need a kitchen with 48 degrees heat. Make i might make a few cards or something. I did just get some lovely ribbon and cardstock arrive yesterday. I will go through my fabric and patterns and find what I will make at the sewing class I have booked into. I am a self taught sewer, I have sewn curtains, painting smocks, PJ.s, kings cloaks. But never clothing - well not successfully. But now I will and hopefully my imagination can be met with actual skills to make it happen.

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