Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the night before Christmas...

Now all the goodies are made, the pressies wrapped, the kids are being nice today, yesterday they were not. Santa is coming tonight! I will go to Church tonight and will return after midnight, play santa and then collapse into bed and hope for at least six hours sleep. This morning I gave each child of mine a beautiful copy of "Through the Animals' Eyes. A Story of the First Christmas" by Christopher Wormell. They were delighted and all of them have read and re-read the book, even though they know the story well. These books are magnificent, with cloth covers and I can see them being handed through their families.

So the year begins to close down, I reflect on what this Christmas means to me and our family. Again it will be just the five of us, no extended family visiting. We will get phone calls from Grandparents of course but we will be just us. In past years this used to make me feel sad and even a bit unwanted but over the years I have become used to it and now strive to build traditions for my own little family, building the foundations for when we eventually expand (ooh imagine being a nan!) So baking certain fare is a must!

Tonight we will all probably have swim in the pool, dinner will be a 'picky" affair with the kids party faves like party pies and sausage rolls, choc , lemon slice, lollies of course! G and I will pick at smoked salmon and antipasto, maybe a bit of salad. Mmmm, easy and yum. Well I deserve an easy meal after tomorrow's feast of traditional fare, with all the trimmings.Yummo!

I am in the mood for Christmas! Bring it on! el

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