Monday, December 8, 2008

Road Trip Over

We returned last night from our road trip to the ACT (Christmas present run to rellies aka as my mum). We drove to ACT on Sat, dropped the kids off at my mum's and went to a nice hotel in the city. Even though Canberra is my home town, I really feel nothing but desire to leave as soon as I get there. A nice hotel didn't change this, driving through the CBD I felt like screaming and turning back to the highway that would take me home. The place and the people are bland and the words "please" and "thank you" seen to be out of fashion, at the very least they are not in use in this small city....But enough with the Manners' Monitors' report! So Canberra sucks, but I was on a Christmas mission.

On Sunday my Mum made a Christmas lunch which proffered the usual CHristmas goodies, traditional (to my family's concept of Christmas) fare. Naturally my sister and her family were absent (we don't talk and we aren't welcome at Christmases that she attends) but my kids and Nana and G and I pulled Christmas crackers and ate turkey, baked vegies (darn it! My mum has started cooking vegies a healthy way, not her old fashioned way - I miss those illicit spuds cooked in fat) and trifle! Two hours later we rolled ourselves into the car, groaning at the weight of the seat belts on our full bellies and embarked upon the 6-7 hour journey home. The kids were wonderful and I finished a book.

We arrived home around 9.30pm to discover our dog had been let out by a Tradesman (that was supposed to come last week) who climbed over the fence and let himself in (I am very uncomfortable with this) and fixed the roof....our dog needs to be collected from the pound today at 4pm. Poor Harry.

Well home now and there are so many jobs to do. I MUST go and try and clear some space in my work room, there is stuff EVERYWHERE.

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Corrie said...

oh my goodness are you a canberra girl too (she says excitedly)...I'm sure we must have something canberra in common!!! St Clares 1993 (oh my goodness what a long time ago) say no more.

Now on to craft...I made my santas sack using a mix of amy butler, some michael miller christmas (a treasured find at Spotlight) and a FQ pack of Christmas fabrics....I'm actually hoping to score a few more christmas fabrics online on sale in a few days when I guess online stores will be selling them off!